Abilene woman's picture goes viral after an 8 year addiction to meth

Abilene woman talks about meth addiction

ABILENE, Texas. - An Abilene woman has made big waves on line with a post on her Facebook page. It was an incredibly honest and revealing look at her struggle with a meth addiction. Now, that post has taken her to churches across the country to spread a message of hope.

The morning of April 29th, 2013 Shanna White posted a picture that marked six years since coming clean off of crystal meth. "My phone was going bling bling bling bling! It was unreal. I cried," said Shanna.

The post was of two pictures, side by side. On the left, a mug shot taken of Shanna just as she decided to get clean. On the right, the happy and healthy woman she is now.

Shanna's meth addiction started 14 years ago, when she says she wanted to lose a little weight. "I'll just get a little bit, and get down to 125...8 years later, I was homeless," said Shanna. "It's evil, it's the ugliest thing I'd ever seen," she adds.

Shanna spent 8 years using meth; going from your average mom and wife, to homeless and on the streets. Shanna says her back teeth were rotting out of her mouth. Shanna explains that she hit her rock bottom when she woke up one morning in a stranger's house with the smell of dope cooking in the backyard.

Fast forward to the morning of April 29th, 2013 when Shanna celebrated 6 years sober, posting on Facebook what that rock bottom looked like. And that's when it started. Shanna's post going nuts online; eventually getting 135,000 likes and 12,000 shares. "It was so exciting, it was emotional," says Shanna.

Shanna explains that she posted the picture to give hope. Hope, she says, to just one person who may be suffering from an addiction. Hope that just one person would see how far she'd come, and know that they could do it, too.

"I knew, with that many shares, it was going to get to the right person, it had done what I'd hoped it would do," said Shanna.

Since April, Shanna has been invited to speak at three churches; one here in the Big Country, and two others in Alabama and Ohio. She continues to keep in touch with one young man who reached out to her the day she posted that picture, just one day sober himself.

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