Abilene's drainage system doing its job?

ABILENE, Texas - It's no secret that when Abilene receives a torrential downpour the streets flood pretty badly, but did you know the drainage systems are doing the job they were built to do?

Abilene does not have an underground water drainage system, so rain accumulates on the roads to be drained into the lakes.

The problem lies when the rain falls heavy in a short period of time.

City Engineer James Rogge said the other option to drain water isn't practical and too expensive.

"We have pumps underneath the railroad tracks at intersections," Rogge said. "Those pumps just to pump the water out from underneath the railroad tracks are $15,000 apiece."

Whether the streets drain the water or the city has pumps, Rogge said any city can experience excess water.

"It's the same situation just about any city you go," Rogge said. "Dallas has got an underground draining system, but when you have that much rain it just piles up and the drains can only take so much water at a time."

Here are some tips on what you can do during the next downpour:

*- If you can, wait 30 minutes to an hour before driving to allow the streets to drain water.

*- Watch for standing water. If you can't see the road underneath the water, turn around and take a different route.

*- Lastly, if you must drive, take your time and go your own speed.

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