Abilene's Salvation Army in big need of donations

ABILENE, Texas - The Salvation Army is $30,000 short of donations so far this year - and more people are coming in for services than in the past.

Today, the organization released the following.  It describes the need, and how to donate:

Abilene, TX (June 24, 2013) – As summer begins, The Salvation Army in Abilene is asking for assistance.  The 148 year-old nonprofit organization is struggling to meet the growing demand of the communities most vulnerable populations.  

"We are really in a tough spot right now.  Our donations are down by about $30,000 ," explains Major James Parrish, the Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army in Abilene. "We have experienced a significant increase in the demand for assistance in recent weeks." Families whose food budgets are stretched to the breaking point now that their children are no longer receive federal school lunches have come to The Salvation Army seeking help, as have laid-off workers who have run through their savings while seeking new employment. "What we are unwilling to do is to stop providing essential services including meals, clothing, shelter, and counseling," says Parrish. "We are hopeful that the Abilene community will respond to our plea for assistance this summer."

The Salvation Army's Corps Salvage and Rehabilitation Center (CSRC) program, helps men recovering from alcohol or substance abuse regain a productive lifestyle. The program, with a capacity of 22 men and women, is funded by the tax-deductible donations of gently used clothing, furniture, and household items that are sold through The Salvation Army Family Store. "We often see a decline in donations during the summer months which can be a significant challenge in regards to the funding of the CSRC program," said Major Parrish. "I think it is important that people know that 100% of the proceeds of sales at the Family Store go right back into helping those in the program."

 "The best way for people and corporations to help us is to make monetary donations.  These contributions allow us the flexibility to be able to fill in our shortfalls across the board, as needed," added Major Parrish.  "This is a tremendous opportunity for individuals and corporations to give back, and join us in our mission of Doing The Most Good for those in need in our community."

If you would like to make a donation, volunteer, or get more information about The Salvation Army in Abilene please call (325) 677-1408 or mail donations to The Salvation Army, PO Box 6929, Abilene TX 79602.

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