Abilenians line up for latest iPhone release

ABILENE, Texas - Dozens of Abilenians braved the dark hours and rain Friday morning to snag one of the latest iPhone models.

"I got up about 4:30 [a.m.], got here by 5 [a.m.]," David Smith, who was first in line, said.

"I think I got here by 6:30 [a.m.]," Roxanne Marsh said.

The doors to the AT&T store located on Turner Drive in south Abilene opened at 8 a.m. to the eager crowd.

"I skip a generation each time with the phone and so I have the 4—the 4s--so now it's time to upgrade," Smith said.

"I had the first [iPhone] and was hooked after that and couldn't really switch," Marsh said. "It's so hard to beat the learning curve, so I'm sticking with [Apple]."

Compared to the iPhone 5, the 5s is equipped with a better camera, a faster processor and the ability to recognize fingerprints for security. The color options are space gray, gold and silver.

The 5c is slightly cheaper than the 5s and the casing—which is available in five different colors—is made from plastic rather than aluminum. Unlike the 5c, the 5s was not available for pre-order.

"I'm kind of intrigued by the camera, the faster lens on that which I really like, and the other thing is I like the security thing with the thumbprint--that way you don't have to key in a code every time you access your phone," Davis.

"It's just almost become a tradition, every time they role out a new phone, I'm here to get one," George Knupple said.

With a contract, the iPhone 5s price ranges between $199 and $399 depending on storage capacity. The 16 gigabyte iPhone 5c is available for just $99.

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