ACU increases tuition six percent for next school year

ACU raises tuition

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene Christian University students will have to shell out more to attend classes next year.

The private university will raise tuition by about six percent, almost $800 per semester next year.

"Every year I've been I think there's been tuition increases," ACU Junior Megan Robinson said.

"It kind of seems normal now tuition keeps raising every year," ACU Sophomore Chloe Gaulden said. 

Next year's tuition hike isn't as steep as in years past. In fact, last time a tuition increase was this low was in 2000.

"They're trying their best to not raise the tuition but it does really stink because it's already very expensive," Gaulden said.

"It's just part of the education process I mean it's unfortunate but I chose to go to a private school and that's just kind of how it is," Robinson said. 

ACU administrators said the reason behind the additional costs is that healthcare, energy and other expenses have been on the rise. That left ACU no choice but to pass along part of the price tag to students.

Some speculate new facilities like the recreation center might have something to do with the price hike.

"Another place to be, another place to be healthy, that's really cool and just in my program they're making improvements to the agency, which I really appreciate because it helps me get a job and have more experience and so I think they're using the money for good," said Robinson.

"It would be nice to see maybe less construction and lowered down tuition and that kind of thing," Gaulden said.  "You can only get so many scholarships," she added.

Last year the school began offering block tuition instead of hourly-based tuition. That means students can take between 26 and 34 hours of classes for the same price. And students who take full advantage of annual block tuition can save thousands of dollars during their college career.

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