ACU students embrace lower gas prices, hit road for spring break

Spring Break travel

Abilene, Texas - Making their final preparations before departing for spring break vacation, some Abilene Christian University students expressed excitement Sunday about saving a buck or two thanks to lower gas prices.

Gas prices dropped as much as five cents per gallon over the last week for an average of $3.54 in Texas and about $3.45 at most Abilene gas stations.

Some students said the price drop has had a major impact on their spring break travel plans.

"It really helped out because we didn't know what vehicle to take and we decided, we might as well take a big vehicle since gas prices dropped," ACU student Michaeo Ortiz said. "We're going to take my truck now."

Fellow traveler and ACU student Timmy Fuentes said, "We probably budgeted maybe like $50 or $60 per person, so it's better than paying $100 per person."

As a result, they no longer have to cram into a smaller vehicle to save money. Ortiz pointed to the smaller car the spring break group drove to run their last errands.

"This car right here. That's what we would have taken, cause it's really good on gas mileage," Ortiz said. "We decided we might as well take the truck."

Although dropping gas prices can save money while driving during spring break, driving safely can save your life.

ACU Police Department Lt. Randy Motz has been preparing the students as they hit the road.

High on his list of reminders are "seat belts and speed make all the difference in the world," Motz said. "If you wear your seat belt and if you travel at the speed limit or even slightly below but don't exceed the speed limit it gives you that reaction time."

Motz said driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do. He urges students and families to be safe while having fun.

Motz also said if you get into trouble while driving dial the 1-800 number on the back of your driver's license and DPS will come help.

Some additional tips that Motz gave are:

*- Don't drive while distracted,

*- Be mindful of 18-wheeler trucks on I-20.

*- If you're driving in a group and get tired, switch drivers.

*- Also give yourself enough time get to your destination.

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