ACU students take to the streets to inform community about animal abuse

November is Report Animal Abuse month

ABILENE, Texas - ACU students are going on a two-day blitz around Abilene.

November is Report Animal Abuse Month for some counties in West Texas and ACU students are hitting the streets to get the information out.

Starting Wednesday, about 300 students will be going door-to-door handing out brochures on animal abuse. They are partnering with SPCA to inform the public about animal abuse and how to report it.

Rescue the Animals president, Paul Washburn, said he hopes people will wake up to the issue of animal abuse.

"There is a great correlation between violent people and animals," Washburn said. "And I think the reason is that animals are pretty much defenseless and they can't talk."

Although his goal is to influence the greater part of West Texas, right now he's focusing on impacting one neighborhood at a time.

"We're hoping if we have a large neighborhood area everybody's awareness is raised at the same time, we'll be very interested to see over the next few months if we get more reports out of that area about animal abuse," Washburn said.

You don't have to be a student to help, Washburn said. Anyone can help by going to their website, rescue the animals.org to learn more information or by stopping by 5933 South 1st Street to pick up brochures and hand them out to neighbors and friends.

So far, eight counties have recognized November as Report Animal Abuse Month. Those counties include: Taylor, Eastland, Haskell, Stephens, Callahan, Coleman, Knox and Shackelford.

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