AISD providing free summer meals to all students start Monday

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene Independent School District is participating in the Summer Food Service Program beginning Monday, June 10.

Free meals will be provided to all children and are the same for all children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. There will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service. All children 18 years old and under may choose from 16 sites throughout the city, with all but the Craig Middle School and Locust Early Childhood locations serving lunch and most providing breakfast.

The program ends Aug. 9, with selected locations closing earlier. All sites will be closed for the July 4th holiday.

The Summer Food Program is sponsored by Abilene ISD Child Nutrition Department. For further assistance call 211 or 677-1444 ext. 2908. Times and dates are subject to change.

Sites Address Breakfast Lunch Snack Time

The following sites are open June 10 - Aug. 9, except Jackson, ending July 26. All sites closed July 4-5.

ACR-Cobb Park  2301 State St  7:30-8:30  11:25-12:35  No Snack 

ACR-G.V. Daniels  541 N. 8th  7:30-8:30  11:30-12:30  No Snack 

ACR-Jackson  2650 S. 32nd  7:30-8:30  11:35-12:20  No Snack 

ACR-Rose Park  2601 S 7th  7:30-8:30  11:10-12:35  No Snack 

ACR-Sears Park  2250 Ambler  7:30-8:30  11:35-12:30  No Snack 

ACR-South Park  1002 Cherry  7:30-8:30  11:20-12:35  No Snack 

Abilene High School  2800 N. 6th St.  7:30-8:30  11:15-12:45  No Snack 

Anson Park Community  2934 Old Anson Rd  No Breakfast  11:45-12:25  3:00-3:30 

Boys & Girls Club-Nelson  4610 N. 10th  7:45-8:15  11:05-12:05  No Snack 

Broadview West Church  6502 Military Drive  No Breakfast  11:15-12:00  No Snack 

YMCA-State St  3250 State  8:30-9:30  10:55-12:10  No Snack 

YMCA-Redbud Park  3125 S. 32nd  8:30-9:30  11:20-12:25  No Snack 

The following site is open June 10 - June 27. Closed each Friday.

HSU- Abilene Hall  2200 Hickory  No Breakfast  11:00-11:30  No Snack 

The following site is open June 13- July 3 & July 22- Aug. 8. Closed each Friday and July 4-5.

Locust Early Childhood  625 S. 8th St.  7:30-8:30  No Lunch  No Snack 

The following site is open June 4 - Aug. 9. Closed each Friday and July 4-5.

Martinez Elementary  1250 Merchant  7:30-8:45  11:00-1:00  No Snack 

The following site is open June 10 - July 16. Closed each Friday and July 4-5.

Craig Middle School  702 S. Judge Ely  8:00-10:30  No Lunch  No Snack 

*Craig will continue serving meals from July 22 - Aug.8. Serving time will be 8-8:30 a.m. 

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