Allergy problems, not just for humans

Dogs and cats have allergies too!

ABILENE, Texas - Cats and dogs can suffer from allergies even more than humans.

Unlike humans, pets have a topical reaction to allergies, meaning they scratch or lick themselves.

This time of year can be a bad one for pet allergies because cold fronts bring in new pollens from the north.

Handling the problem and giving your pets a bit of relief doesn't have to be an expensive one.

Dr. Janice Price with the Windmill Animal Hospital says "many pets can be managed with minimal intervention, by feeding a high quality, hypoallergenic diet, usually hypoallergenic shampoos, and exquisite flea control".

If you have a canine allergy sufferer, you may be able to help them with something you have in your medicine cabinet right now.

"One benadryl capsule will do 25 lbs. of dog and you give it three times a day, breakfast, late afternoon, and at bedtime," says Dr. Price.

If you begin to notice lesions, scabs or any discharge on skin of your dog or cat, take them to your vet immediately.


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