Allergy season expected to be worse than last year

Bad allergy season ahead

ABILENE, Texas - Many Big Country residents have already started their battles with allergies this year, but it's going to get worse.

Dr. Ashley Hall from ENT Allergy, Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center said people might be dealing with more of those symptoms because of the long winter.

"Normally in March, you'll see Elm and Oak trees," Hall said. "Then in April you'll see the nuts, so Pecan and Walnuts, but since it was cold for so long and it's now warmed up pretty fast so all of the trees are kinda catching up at once."

Margery McKeown, who suffers from allergies, said she is tired of having to miss out on outdoor activities.

"I'm exhausted all the time and everybody wants to ask me why I haven't come out of my house, it's because I'm afraid of nature," McKeown said.

Dr. Hall said finding relief is right down the aisle.

"If you're gonna take over the counter antihistamines like Zyrtec, Claritin or Allegra is to start early. I would start now taking them on a daily basis," Hall said.

If you would rather not rely on medication for relief, Dr. Hall recommends making small changes to your routine.

"Normally pollen counts are higher usually in the afternoon and evenings so if you need to be outside doing yard work or something like that, the mornings will be the best time," Hall said.



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