Anna Judd attempts to run across America, makes pit stop in Abilene

Anna Judd runs across the country for a cause

ABILENE, Texas - Anna Judd doesn't use a car to get from one state to another, she uses her feet.

Since March 22, Anna Judd has run 33 miles a day across the country. She plans to run 3,200 miles from California to New York to support and raise awareness for veterans and their service.

"They've already given up so much and it's just kind of a way to repay what they've done for us," Judd said.

She's partnered with Team Red, White and Blue, the Wounded Warrior Project,Tour of Duty, Charity Miles and Operation Mindful Warrior.

Judd said she initially didn't feel like she was worthy of honoring the people who have given their lives for her freedom.

"At first I was afraid I wouldn't be accepted because I was a civilian, but this organization has totally taken me under their wing and all the members have really rallied together and come out to join me on my runs," Judd said.

Since Judd started running through Texas, though, she has faced some issues like extreme heat and lack of sleep, but she said every bit of pain has been worth it.

"Since I've been on this run, the landscapes have been so gorgeous, everywhere I go there's always something beautiful to see," Judd said.  "Every single one [person] has been so generous and kind...It's restored my faith in humanity."

Judd and her photographer, 'Robot', hope to arrive in New York on July 22.

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