APD offers safety tips to drivers and pedestrians on highway

APD offers safety tips to drivers and pedestrians on highway

ABILENE, Texas - A KTXS viewer contacted us and said she almost hit three teenagers crossing the Winter's Freeway two weeks ago and a proposal was submitted recently to build a pedestrian crossing over Elm's Creek.

Since this is an ongoing discussion, we wanted to help you and your family stay safe with some tips.

"Pedestrians make these decisions to cross the roadways, highways. They need to use due caution and due care," Officer George Spindler, Abilene Police Department, said.

You've probably been told to look both ways before crossing a street, but crossing a highway is something different altogether.

"It's imperative that pedestrians understand the potential greater risk of harm to him or her if they choose to cross a high velocity highway or roadway," Officer Spindler said.

If you are the one driving, Officer Spindler does encourage you to pay attention to all your surroundings.

"I've always said that safety is everyone's responsibility and it's very clear to me as well that drivers also have to show due care, even the statutes talk about that when they are driving," Officer Spindler said.

For pedestrians, Officer Spindler said that the responsibility is primarily on them to ensure their own safety if they choose to cross busy highways.

"The burden is on these pedestrians to ensure they yield the right of way to traffic, that's in any roadway within our city, especially when we're talking about crossing roadways other than where a crosswalk is provided," Officer Spindler said.

He also wants pedestrians to take a few extra steps to the nearest crosswalk because it might save a life.

"Just want to encourage folks to consider going down just a little bit a ways and crossing underneath the overpass, you know using crosswalks and sidewalks at the intersections, those are your safest locations," Officer Spindler said.

Remember, the horn in your vehicle could potentially avoid a collision with another car or a person; Officer Spindler said it's okay to use it.

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