Aqua water customers near Buffalo Gap dealing with water problems

Water problems for Aqua customers near Buffalo Gap

BUFFALO GAP, Texas - Almost every night this week, many Buffalo Gap households haven't had any water.

Brenda Woods, a Buffalo Gap homeowner, first noticed the problem Sunday night.

"I guess getting ready for bed we noticed there wasn't much water pressure between 10:30 and 11 (p.m.) and then there was no water at all," Woods said.

We spoke with the Buffalo Gap Town Hall and found that a company called Aqua is responsible for the water that goes to those customers.

We reached out to Aqua for an explanation.

According to company officials, it started last week with the Camp Barkeley grass fire, which took days to battle and ultimately extinguish.

Though none of that water was used to fight the fire directly, Aqua customers increased usage dramatically to water lawns and protect them from the fire's embers.

Then, late last week, one of Aqua's four wells stopped producing water.

To add insult to injury, one of the tank's booster pumps, the pumps responsible for getting water to the customer's homes, stopped functioning Sunday night.

"The booster pumps had an electrical issue on Sunday night that was resolved on Monday morning, but that would have caused some type of water shutdown Sunday night," said Darryl Waldock, area manager for Aqua's North Texas Operations.

Then, on Monday, water rain extremely short in the tanks.

"While that was going on the pumps would have gone into low-level lockout and there wouldn't have been any water going out to the people," Waldock said.

As of Wednesday, conditions were improving but many customers are still on edge.

"We actually got up at 8 p.m. and took a shower just so we had water to be able to bathe," Woods said.

"The big question is how can we get hooked up with Steamboat or Abilene water and have consistent water?" said Cam Balcomb, another affected homeowner.

Aqua tells us that the situation has been resolved but if customers are still experiencing outages, they should contact them at (877) 987-2782.


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