Archibald testifies in Austin for future water reservoir

Archibald lobbies legislature for Abilene reservoir support

ABILENE, Texas - Mayor Norm Archibald traveled to Austin this week to lobby – along with other Texas mayors – for projects aimed at gathering and storing more water in such a drought-plagued state.

Archbald was especially interested in pitching for state funding for the proposed $240 million Cedar Ridge Reservoir project to be built about 40 miles north of Abilene.

"Water has gotten everybody's attention," Archibald said. "It's what we have to do for the future and we are prepared to move forward with it."

Archibald said the city has already spent $12 million for reservoir planning, but that it needs significant funding from the state.

Tuesday, the mayor testified in front of the House Natural Resource Committee to advocate for Bill 4.

HB 4 would tap into the state Rainy Day Fund to help finance water projects across the state, including the Cedar Ridge Reservoir.

"It seems everyone is in support of using our Rainy Day Fund to help jump start projects," Archibald said.

City leaders are asking lawmakers for $2 billion for water projects all over the state.

"This will be the largest project ever in the history of Abilene," Archibald said.

If the city of Abilene doesn't receive money from the state, Mayor Norm Archibald said he would consider a bond election to move forward with the project.


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