Are we overdue for triple digit temperatures?

Dodging the triple digits, for now

ABILENE, Texas - We haven't seen temperatures higher than 100 degree yet this year but that might not be unusual.

In 2012, we saw the warmest year on record. During the spring and summertime, temperatures reached the century mark, or above a total of 40 times.

The year before, we saw even more. 81 days had highs above 100 degrees. Despite having a higher number of exceptionally hot days, 2011 was only the third warmest year on record.

Considering the hot weather we've seen over the last few years, you might think that staying away from the triple digits this year is unusual. It's actually not.

"It is actually more normal to see not so many 100 degree days...the last two years sort of made us think that it's more normal to have these 100 degree days earlier," says KTXS Chief Meteorologist, Mark Rowlett.

Our average number of triple digit temperatures may surprise you, it's only 14 per year.

This year, several late season cold fronts have swept through the Big Country, pulling the cold Canadian air further south. This has kept those 100 degree days at bay.

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