Are you losing patience in holiday traffic and road construction?

Holiday traffic a problem in construction areas

ABILENE, TX - It's a wonderful time of the year, but some people are not in the Christmas spirit on the road.

DPS Trooper Sparky Dean has witnessed this very thing.

"You would think during holidays, everybody would have that giving spirit attitude as they drive but unfortunately there's some people that have that road rage develop in them, and road rage is very contagious," said Dean.

It can also be dangerous. Last week, a head on collision happened at highway 351 because authorities say a driver was impatient. This area is under construction to become a one way lane. Darah Waldrip of TX Dot is urging drivers to plan ahead in order to be safe.

Waldrip said, "Drivers may notice a bit longer wait times at the signals and that is going to be pretty typical during the morning and afternoon."

When asked how they felt about the increase in holiday traffic, some said they didn't notice a change at all.

"Hadn't noticed it. Nope, not at all."

Others said they have noticed.

"It gets a a little crazy."

Holiday drivers will not be given any passes on poor driving, so it's best to follow the road rules.

"There's no reason to be crossing into the median to get on the interstate there," said Dean. "There's no reason definitely to be turning around that's a one way street. Would that be a written warning? Heaven's no. That's a citation every time."

If drivers see broken or flashing traffic lights, you can call 325-690-9821.

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