Are you prepared to evacuate in a moment's notice?

Are you prepared for a quick evacuation?

ABILENE, Texas - The American Red Cross said there are important things to consider in case you need to leave your home on a moment's notice.

"You're obviously going to panic. You're not going to know what to do. You're not going to know what to prepare for. You're not going to know what to bring with you. And you may only have a few minutes, a few seconds even, to evacuate," said American Red Cross Disaster Program Manager Allen Brooks.

The first thing the Red Cross said everyone should consider is where they would go if they had to leave their home.

If you have a pet, you might want to look into what hotels accept animals. Then, map out how you get to that location.

"I would always have things ready, packed, maybe in a small backpack or something that you can pick up and take in a moment's notice," Brooks said.  

Brooks said it's always smart to have water and food ready to go.

"I would recommend a three-day supply of water," Brooks said. "And things like spam, crackers, dehydrated foods, foods that are easy to pop open and easy to prepare type meals."

A working flashlight and a pocketknife should also be included, and don't forget medications.

Irreplaceable documents should be kept in a disaster proof case or in a safe deposit box.

That includes "birth certificates, deeds to your house, personal documents, things of that nature that can be lost," Brooks said. 

When there are wildfires burning in the area there are other things you should consider. Confine pets to one room so you don't have to go looking for them if you have to take off quickly. And back your car into a garage or driveway so you are facing the direction you need to go.

For a full list of suggested items to include in an evacuation bag visit www.redcross.org

To purchase some of the items listed visit www.redcrossstore.org

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