Baby Boomers getting fit, beating the odds in Abilene

There's a Baby Boomer fitness boom

ABILENE, Texas - New research finds Baby Boomers are more likely to suffer from obesity and high blood pressure, compared to their parents.

Baby Boomers in Abilene, however, are refusing to be part of those statistics.

The fitness business is doing very well in Abilene. Some of that is thanks to the Baby Boomer generation.

Fitness centers have seen a drastic increase in gym memberships of people age 55 and older.

Ron Harmon, 64, goes to the gym because of doctor's – and his wife's – orders.

"I just am doing it basically for the health and so I'll be around for a while," Harmon said.

Fitness experts say Baby Boomers are more informed now.

"I think people have realized that health is a big concern, especially as you age," said Tim Smith, owner of Firehouse Fitness.

In fact, Tim's mother, Nita, is one of those people.

In just three years, she's lost 70 pounds. Now, at age 62, she teaches a zumba class four times a week.

"Oh, it's fabulous," Smith said. "I'm doing more now than when I was 30 years old."

She encourages people her age to get on board.

"Anything's hard that you haven't been doing, but start doing something at least once a day," Smith said.

Along with weight loss and gaining energy, Baby Boomers are also experiencing a sense of community.

"One of our main things is the sense of community and support for each other," said Rachael McCormick of the Hendrick Health Club. "Everybody wants to get to know you, wants to support you and just having that community helps keep you on track with whatever your goals are."

In some cases, health insurance may even pay for your gym membership.

To find out if you're eligible, contact the Hendrick Health Club at 325-670-7170.

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