Bee swarms more common during the summer months

High temperatures can make bees more aggressive

Bees swarming during summer often a problem

ABILENE, Texas - A recent bee attack in Coleman and the death of two horses in Callahan County could be attributed to bees swarming in the summer season.

Swarms of bees may be more common to see around town in trees, fence posts, or in the sides of buildings or homes.

"A swarm is when a colony has become over-crowded with either bees or honey," said Ben Kazyaka, Bee-Keeper for Big Country Bee Removal. "The swarm is looking for a place to build a new colony," he added.

Bee colonies are calm for the most part, but attacks are not uncommon.

"Most of the time bees attack when threatened or feel under attack," said Kazyaka, "For the most part bees in the big country are somewhat mellow except on hot, humid days."

If you or your family feels threatened by a swarm or colony of bees, call a bee-keeper.

Once a bee-keeper is present, Kazyaka says it is important that all honeycombs are removed, or the bees may return.

If a swarm is not removed or has not moved on its own, the bees can multiply quickly.

According to Big Country Bee Removal, a queen bee can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day.

Eggs become full adults within 18 days.

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