Better Business Bureau warns about fake IRS calls

ABILENE, Texas - Tax season is over, but scammers are still on the job.

Steve Abel, president of the Abilene Better Business Bureau, said they've gotten an increase in concerned Big Country residents receiving phones calls from fake IRS agents.

Abel said most fake phone calls are from foreigners who target Americans after the tax season and taxpayers should use caution when talking to anyone claiming to be from the IRS.

"If you are worried that you might owe money to the IRS and you'd like to know whether it's a legitimate phone call or not, you try to get a badge number and a name of a person," Abel said.

Abel said residents have called to complain about a recording they've received from a woman claiming to be an agent, shortly after another phone call is placed by an actual person demanding money or personal information.

The IRS has said they will not threaten or demand money from anyone, but if you do owe money, they will typically send a notice through the mail.

"Be very suspicious if anybody wants you to send money using a green dot card or any kind of wire transfer service like money gram or Western Union," Abel said.

Phone calls aren't the only way taxpayers are being targeted. Be cautious about any emails or text messages claiming to be from the IRS. Also, some sophisticated scammers may try to modify caller ID.

If you have received a sketchy phone call, call the BBB at (325) 691-1533.

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