Big Country Christians celebrate Easter by attending church service

ABILENE, Texas - For Christians, Easter means the resurrection of their savior.

It's a day to reflect on Jesus being risen from the dead after being crucified on a cross. For some, Easter is celebrated with candy and Easter egg hunts.

For Christians at Elm Crest Baptist Church on Sunday morning there were prayers, songs of worship and reflection on sermons of hope.

This was their way of observing Easter.

Elm Crest Baptist Church Senior Pastor Jason Gray said, "What we want to focus on is not so much the trappings of commercialization of it. We want to focus on the message of Jesus Christ crucified and risen."

Gray wants people to walk away with hope for a deeper meaning of Easter.

"I would hope that our message on Easter of resurrection is the same everyday, where the Gospel is communicated clearly," said Gray.

However, his hope is through Christian traditions that don't include shopping for baskets or foil covered eggs.

"The materialism and the commercialism are such a part of our culture," said Abilene Christian University student Jaymee Myller. "That's so easy to focus on that. It's so easy to not think about the real meaning behind Easter."

Overall it's a day to bring all people together.

"I don't like materialistic things or the materialism of it, but it does let everyone remember," said Abilene Christian University student Chris Neatherlin. "Not just people who don't believe but people who do believe."

Many churches usually see a spike in attendance on Easter.

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