Big Country educators disappointed about CSCOPE lessons ending for Texas Schools

Region 14 school leaders upset over Texas curriculum changes

ABILENE, Texas - School districts were dealt a blow from Texas lawmakers. Senate Education Chairman Dan Patrick, R-Houston announced on Monday that schools would no longer be allowed to use the lesson plans offered by CSCOPE. The curriculum came under fire for including some controversial lesson plans that have been called, "Un-American."

CSCOPE, the online curriculum management system is used by 70 percent of school districts in Texas will no longer offer lesson plans.

Abilene Independent School district held a press conference to address these changes Friday afternoon. Administrators from all over Region 14 came together to discuss what to do as a major part of their curriculum is going away. The majority say they're upset about the end of CSCOPE lesson plans.

State Board of Education member Marty Rowley of Amarillo, District 15 said, "In the instance of discontinuing the lessons offered as a part of the CSCOPE management system, local control was essentially ignored."

"Let's assume that there were a couple dozen although I think it's more like four or five lessons were real clinkers that just didn't get it done," AISD Superintendent Heath Burns said. "I ask you Texas taxpayers if a couple clinker lessons are good reasons to throw out 1600 Lessons."

Teachers have the option to review CSCOPE lesson plans created by the Texas Education Service Center and personalize them for their classes. "That real time writing was valuable to us so this will hurt immediately," Burns said.

As of August 31, these lesson plans will no longer be available on the CSCOPE site. It's still unclear whether teachers will need to create plans from scratch for the coming school year.

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