Big Country employees work the Labor Day Holiday

Abilene residents work on Labor Day

ABILENE, Texas - Most people celebrated Labor Day away from the office on Monday.    

Labor Day is the nationwide holiday to honor people's labor all year.  The holiday is always the first Monday of September and it was first celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City.

Some people still had to punch the clock on Monday.

"I'm so used to working holidays that it's kind if no big deal for me," Abilene Zoo Education Curator Joy Harsh said. 

"It's kind if a bummer initially, but it's nice to have people come in here and on their days off and just have fun at the zoo and help them with a good experience," Abilene Zoo Gift Shop employee Mallory Brickman said.

Places like the Abilene Zoo are family favorites on the holidays. Even if the staff can't be with their families, they're happy serving others.

"My husband has to work to it's not like I have family at home and me working," Harsh said.

Sit down restaurants like Golden Corral and fast food restaurants like subway are still open.

"Glad I can be here to feed people," Subway Customer Service employee Dustin Taylor said.

"Oh, I love it," Golden Corral Kitchen Manager David Casavante said. "It's one of the best things. Just serving people, making people happy."

Golden Corral Line Server Stephanie Akers said when working the holiday, the little things go a long way. 

"My boyfriend is also ex-military and so its kind of nice," Akers said. "He came and ate breakfast with me this morning."

There's definitely some pros to working the holiday, and these employees said they're not missing out on anything.

"It's fine with me," Taylor said. "More money."

"I wouldn't be doing anything else but sleeping," Brickman said.

Overall, Labor Day is just that, honoring people with your labor.

"The need somewhere to come to in and get something in relax and eat and go enjoy, just spend time with their family, but somebody's gotta be there to take care of them," Casavante said.

"Most people complain about it," Golden Corral Line Server Paul Baggett said. "Me, I don't mind it at all. I like it, I love it."

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