Big Country roads show some improvement Monday, caution still urged

Big Country roads show some improvement Monday, caution still urged

ABILENE, Texas - While many of the main roads showed significant improvement throughout the day Monday, the Texas Department of Transportation is still urging motorists to be cautious.

TxDOT crews have been working around the clock since Saturday night, before the wintry weather set in.

Throughout the day Monday they'll continue to use their blade trucks to scrape of any ice that has lingered.

"We concentrate on the major roads such as Winters Freeway, I-20, and Loop 322 here in town and every county has their priority corridors," says Darah Waldrip with the Texas Department of Transportation.

"That's where we'll throw most of our resources in the beginning" said Waldrip.

They then branch out to treat U.S. Highways that receive slightly less traffic.

In addition to using more caution and slowing down when the roads are icy, try to stick to the right lane.

When TxDOT treats roadways, they tend to focus on the driving lane instead of the passing lane, in an effort to conserve their resources.

According to the Abilene Police Department, local drivers fared well in the icy weather.

On a typical, clear day they respond to between 8 and 10 accidents. Between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday, they responded to 17 accidents.

Roadway conditions will continue to show improvement but TxDOT urges caution as we head into the evening hours.

"We do see a lot of drivers getting a little overconfident because the roads are starting to clear" said Waldrip.

"They may set cruise control and be moving right a long and hit an icy patch."

Stay alert while driving in this icy weather. Remember to allow plenty of following distance between you and the car ahead of you.

Also, ease up on the accelerator as you drive over bridges, overpasses, and hills.

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