Big Country wheat actually benefits from recent ice

ABILENE, Texas - The sleet and ice, which may have damaged other plants, actually helped the region's wheat crop.

Driving down the road, this year's wheat crop might not seem like much, but in a few months, with a little cooperation from Mother Nature, you'll see amber fields growing tall.

During the colder months, the crops fall dormant, only growing here and there on warmer days.

This year, Abilene has picked up 0.37 inches of rain. This is quite a bit less than 1.15 inches, the average rainfall totals by early February.

While the freezing weather isn't detrimental now, as we head into the spring months, we'll need to see some changes.

"If we keep getting cold days and it's not allowing it to grow then it could actually stunt the wheat production as far as the grain goes" says Glenn Jackson with Jackson Brothers Feed & Seed.

Jackson points out that wheat grows well up into the Midwest, which usually sees much colder weather than West Texas.

For now, all the wheat producers can only wait and hope the warmer weather arrives on schedule, along with a good rain.

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