Black Friday crowds at large throughout Thursday night

ABILENE, Texas - For some, it's tradition.

"We do it every year," said shopper Carla Hebert.

She and her son camp out for Black Friday, waiting for the best deals on televisions and computers. This year, it was the first time they were first in line, and they even sacrificed their Thanksgiving for it.

"We spent all day Wednesday and all day Thursday out here," she said.

The line at Best Buy at the Mall of Abilene stretched out the door to Sears Thursday early morning. They opened their doors at midnight.

One group says they battle the lines so they can say they were first to buy an item on Black Friday.

For some, though, it just was not worth the hassle.

"Never ever again. It was the first time, I've been out here since 1:30 yesterday, and it's never happening again," said shopper Denise Campbell.

One young man and his family braved the crowds and the elements for a laptop for school.

"It's pretty cold out here," said Justin Amezquita.

A brother and sister team spent their Thanksgiving afternoon waiting in line to buy a television for their father. Even though people may get crazy on Black Friday, there was still some room for holiday spirit.

"We were going to leave, but some nice man gave this to us they were all out but he gave it. So kudos to that man. Thank you!" said Robyn Collins.

Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for most stores. An employee at Best Buy said they have almost ten times as much revenue on Black Friday then they do on any given Saturday.

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