Buffalo Gap holds 33rd annual Chili Super Bowl

Buffalo Gap holds 33rd Annual Chili Super Bowl

ABILENE, Texas - The 33rd annual Buffalo Gap Chili Superbowl officially kicked off on Saturday.

There were over 64 contestants in the competition, and chili was not the only food judged -- chicken as well as ribs were also taste tested by judges.

The town of Buffalo Gap was packed with people visiting the cook off. Brad Bircham with the Taylor County Sheriffs Association thought the crowd was impressive.

"It is a good turn out today," said Bircham, "we got a lot of folks coming out here, its beautiful weather," said Bircham.

The proceeds from the chili cook off go to a great cause.

"Every dime we make here goes to the Ben Richey boys ranch,"said Bircham.

The Taylor County Sheriffs Association is heading the event, and volunteering to make chili.

The chili was cooked in the world's largest chili pot, provided by HEB-- which can hold up to 440 gallons of chili.

"I know the chili in the world's largest chili pot is really good," said Fortune.

Maureen Lakely is the official who oversees the judges, says there are many things that they look for in chili.

"Aroma, taste, appearance and tenderness are most of them, and then for chili we have an after-taste category," Lakely said.

There was also a petting zoo as well as concessions for the whole family to enjoy.

The Buffalo Gap Chili Super Bowl continues throughout Labor Day weekend -- ending on Sunday.

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