CALF participants head to the Abilene Zoo for Father's Day

ABILENE, Texas - The Junior League of Abilene teamed up with the Children's Art and Literacy Festival (CALF) to sponsor Father's Day at the Abilene Zoo on Sunday.

The 2nd annual CALF highlighted the works of Walter Wick – the illustrator of the "Can You See What I See?" and "I Spy" books – and his character, Seymour. 

Children who were already registered for the festival submitted their badges at the zoo gates to get inside. They also received free animal print pencils, bracelets and t-shirts.

"As part of the CALF festival today, they'll be looking in the park for 12 different Seymours and so it's kind of a fun event," Junior League President Glenna Cordary said. "They get to see the animals but also look for Seymour."

Each year, CALF hosts a new theme and children's author or illustrator.

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