Changing school boundaries could ease over crowding

ABILENE, Texas - Leaders at a crowded Abilene elementary school say rezoning is a good thing for them.

Five elementary schools will be affected if the boundary lines are changed.

Jackson Elementary is the only school that would lose students. The school has been at 124 percent capacity for at least two years. Under the proposal , Jackson elementary could send 77 students to Ward elementary.

While some parents are upset, school administrators say it's a needed change. "I think the main thing is, it's hard in one way, because we don't want to lose kids. We enjoy the ones who are here, and the ones who are leaving, we will be sad to see them go", said Roy Sharp, Jackson Elementary Principal.

Bassetti, Dyess, Jackson, Reagan and Ward elementary schools are the five that would be affected.

The first of four public hearings will happen Tuesday.

The school board could vote as early as February 11th.

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