Chelsea Humphrey: Rain brings moisture, hazardous travel: tips

Slick roads make for hazardous travel

ABILENE, Texas - When wet weather strikes, the number of accidents, both major and minor is certain to rise.

This week it was no different. One of those accidents happened with a car clipped the back of an 18-wheeler. Police say the driver couldn't see the truck's turn signal  because his windshield wipers weren't working.

In addition to making sure your wipers are in good condition, Texas State Trooper, Sparky Dean, has some additional advice. "Always watch your following distance, always watch your speed, but cruise control is your worst enemy on a day like today. Make sure that cruise control is off", says Dean.  

Also, follow the four-second rule. Once the vehicle in front of you passes a stationary object like a telephone pole or a street sign, it should take you at least four seconds to pass the same object. If you pass it sooner than that, slow down.

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