Chicken wings are the big winner on Superbowl Sunday!

ABILENE, TX - The Superbowl draws more than $100,000 million viewers who consume more than $1 billion pounds of chicken.

Football fans filed into Wing Stop to get a front row seat to watch the Superbowl, and eat wings.

What does it take to prepare for the big day?

"It is the most important, busiest day of the entire year for us," said Wingstop Owner Shagu Agahi.

Agahi said her restaurant prepares weeks ahead for the massive amount of orders.

"Our corporate Wing Stop makes sure that our stores have the first supply of wings so we will not be running short at all," said Agahi.

Some football fans said watching the game wouldn't be the same without chowing down on chicken wings.

"It's part of football," said Tyler Williams. "You have to have wings for a football game."

At Buffalo Wild Wings, the fans couldn't agree more with Williams.

"It's kind of a tradition," said Kaylim Noel. "On Superbowl Sunday you want to come out and eat wings, so I think they go hand in hand," said Noel.

"Everyone's getting their hands dirty and everything," said Rochfort. "Everyone's getting real exited today, eating a lot of wings."

For others, it's the million dollar moments between touch downs.

"I just watch the commercials," Cumpian said. "That's the only reason I watch the game."

One thing is for sure, game or wings, everyone gets their fill of the fun.

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