"Choking Game" played by kids threatens Big Country school districts

ROTAN, Texas - There's a dangerous trend in our area. 

It's called the "chocking game." It's made its way to Big Country school districts – Roby and Rotan. That's about an hour away from Abilene.

The Roby and Rotan school districts in Fisher County are taking action to raise awareness of the dangerous activity. 

The districts are acting after unconfirmed reports of an injury to a child who was choked. The schools are talking to parents about the popularity and dangers of this game. 

The game is meant to give kids a thrill and a superficial high. It can involve a choke hold and even ropes and other devices.

"We've been in contact with the Region 14 in Abilene and actually we have a representative here today going around talking with teachers doing those things along with the choking game and some other deals and so we're working with superintendents in the area and other districts plus Region 14 to get the information, gather information so we can get it to our students and our parents," Rotan ISD High School and Junior High Principal Greg Decker said.

Some kids in other parts of the country have died from playing the choking game.

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