Christian Service Center will share building and message with Woodlawn Church of Christ

Christian Service Center's new home

ABILENE, Texas - After years of searching, the Christian Service Center has found a new building.

It was about a year ago that members of the Christian Service Center publicly announced they needed more room. That plea was heard loud and clear at the Woodlawn Church of Christ where elders literally answered the center's prayers.

The Christian Service Center helps people in need with food, clothing, household items and school supplies year after year. The number of people they served continued to grow, but the space they had to work with stayed the same. A few years ago it became obvious they needed more room.

"We've been serving lots of people in the community and we've needed some more space to be able to increase our service," said John Tyson, Christian Service Center chairman. 

The Woodlawn Church of Christ heard about the center's hunt for more space and responded. They said it was a win-win situation because they had a lot of room and a dwindling congregation.

"We have been in an attendance decline for many, many years and it comes to a point and time where you have a facility that was designed for 750 and there's only 89 to 90 of us currently and it becomes too expensive to upkeep and so forth," said Woodlawn Church of Christ Elder Glenn Bailey.

Wednesday, the church and the service center signed a contract so they can share the space and their message with more people.

"This would be a wonderful opportunity for the neighborhood, for the Christian Service Center and for us to maintain the congregation here and also partner with them and we could together minister to the folks of this neighborhood," Bailey said. 

The Woodlawn church said next is the planning and construction phase. Their building is located at 3185 North 10th Street. The old Christian Service Center building is at 901 Mesquite Street.

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