Citizens committee campaigning for AISD $87 million school bond

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene ISD is currently in the process of educating voters about the upcoming $87 million school bond election, but the superintendent is not legally allowed to campaign for the bond himself.

Who is campaigning on behalf of the bond?

Some of the members that were on the Facilities Planning Committee formed a Political Action Committee. They said they were so moved by what they saw when touring the schools that they felt they had to help get the word out about this bond.

"There were so many things that literally had us in tears by the end of our tour that no children should have to go to school in that environment in this country," said PAC Chairman Brooke Bailey.

"It's not just new pretty buildings and technology it's also a lot about the safety of our kids," Bailey added.

The bond was proposed to help fix up AISD school buildings and increase security on their campuses.

The PAC said they are doing everything they can to educate voters and get them to the polls.

"We have only six weeks left, but I think we've hit the ground running and we now have a Facebook page which is the main online face of our PAC," said Bailey.

Bailey said yard signs, billboards and commercials will start appearing over the next few weeks. She also said the majority of private donations have come from concerned teachers.

"They are so passionate about this that that's been one of our biggest donations from citizens themselves and teachers," Bailey said.

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