City Council to revisit Metal Buyers Ordinance on Thursday

ABILENE, Texas - This Thursday, the Abilene City Council will revisit a measure meant to stop crooks from selling stolen precious metals.

The Precious Metals Buyers Ordinance would require scrap metal businesses to keep track of the metals they buy through the Leads Online program.

Copper prices are up significantly -- and that's increased the number of thieves who steal anything made out of it.

Police Chief Stan Standridge thought he would have more luck tracking down precious metal thieves if business owners keep better track of who they're buying those materials from.

Standridge brought the issue to the Abilene City Council in October.

"What we hope to accomplish today is to close a loophole as it relates to metal recycling entities and precious metal buyers," Standridge said.

This issue was tabled in October after metal business owners complained it was too broad and costly for them.    

"We would like a two week extension just to refine some of the wordage," said Greg Danforth, who owns a metal business.

"We should standup and say hey, don't put the burden all on us. It's not our job to do the job of keeping records, but we do it anyway," business owner Davis Hudson said.

Many business owners have since met with the police department to revise certain parts the ordinance. The revised metal ordinance would establish a fee schedule for metal buyers and give them access to the leads online program free of cost.

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