City of Abilene battles mosquitoes in creeks and lakes

Abilene treating water sources to battle mosquitoes

ABILENE, Texas - The city of Abilene's 'Mosquito Surveillance Program' is currently underway.

The main focus is to kill mosquitoes in standing water before they are able to hatch.

"We can treat that water and prevent over 98% of those mosquitoes from ever emerging, " said Aaron Vanoy, city of Abilene Animal Services Manager, "once they emerge and are flying around, we can only catch 10% of them so the odds are in our favor if we can get them in the water."

To combat the mosquitoes, the city uses a combination of non-toxic, granulated chemicals along with pellets, dunks, and traps used to catch mosquitoes that are ready to lay eggs.

Monitor sites have been set up in waters all around the city, and are checked every Tuesday to determine if they should be treated.

"We go around and collect these nets," said Vanoy, "We then send them to Austin to see if there's any parvo viruses like West Nile."

The city only sprays for mosquitoes if a virus has been found in an area.

Vanoy recommends residents use the 5 D's to protect you and your family from mosquitoes:

*DRAIN all standing water on your properties

*DEFEND yourself by using repellents containing "deet"

*DRESS in light colored, long clothing

*DUSK and DAWN should be avoided, it is when mosquitoes are most active

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