City of Abilene facing challenges, recovering after hailstorm

ABILENE, Texas - The city of Abilene suffered some historic damage to cars and buildings from the hailstorm that tore through Thursday night.

The Abilene Police Department received damage to 46 of its vehicles, but officials said it will not slow their patrols.

The police department isn't the only place that lost some of its transportation. CityLink is strapped for paratransit vans after 75 percent of its fleet is out of commission due to hail damage to the windshields.

Ben Herr, CityLink's general manager, said only about six or seven vans are still in operation and that means ADA paratransit vans are only running for medical trips.

Shopping and day care trips have been canceled until further notice, but Herr said he's hoping to get estimates and repairs done within the next week.

Fixed routes and large buses are still running.

Abilene Fire Department's Station 4 is experiencing new damage from the storm.

Fire officials said the station will stay closed for now and that fire engines have moved to Station 1.

Firefighters will continue working throughout the city in different stations until future plans are determined.

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