City of Abilene flushes out water system from recent rain

City of Abilene flushing water lines out after recent rain

ABILENE, Texas - The city of Abilene is taking extra precaution to clean out Abilene's water system because of significant recent rain.

It was also needed because homeowners and businesses are using less water this time of year. All the rain, along with cooler temperatures, has left people turning off their sprinklers.

The city routinely flushes out the system to prevent any old water that can cause harmful bacteria to build up.

"Because of the recent rain we've had lower usage – and it's something we typically do especially this time of year," Director of Water Utilities Tommy O'Brien said.

So how does the city clean out the water system?

"We open up fire hydrants," O'Brien said. "We have automatic flushing valves that are set up through the city."

Don't be surprised if you see water spewing from a hydrant when you're driving to home or work.

"It's just to maintain water quality. It's really not because of anything that's happened in the past," O'Brien said. "It's our typical practice."

According to the city, every month they complete water system maintenance flushing.

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