Clean up underway after thunderstorm tears through Abilene neighborhoods and ACU campus

Cleanup continues from Thursday's wind storm

ABILENE, Texas -

Abilene residents and employees of Abilene Christian University spent the majority of Friday cleaning up after Thursday night's thunderstorm.

"We got several light poles that blew over, tree limbs that are down, had water in the buildings--two separate buildings as a matter of fact," ACU Director of Facilities Management Kristian Allen said. "Not major damage but just a little clean up and drying them out.

Approximately 15 to 20 employees participated in the clean up effort at ACU. As of Friday afternoon, there is no estimate of the damage.

At Abilene Regional Airport, 62 mile hour winds were reported Thursday night. At Dyess Air Force Base, 60 mile per hour winds were reported. Allen said the strong winds were what caused the majority of the damage at ACU.

"It was wicked, the wind was blowing 60 miles per hour plus. There was a point where I was talking to Scott Warren on the phone and it almost blew me over…I was trying to get up some stairs and just got popped," Allen said.

The wind also toppled trees, sheds and brought down roof shingles in the neighborhoods around ACU.

The wind carried David Carter's shed over his backyard fence. He said the howling wind was hard to ignore.

"It was this roar…a roaring sound and it rattled the windows and the doors in the house," Carter said. "It was just an unforgettable sound."

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