Community raises money for the Roby Volunteer Fire Department

ROBY, Texas - It seems money for volunteer firefighters may not be on the top of Texas lawmakers funding list.

In 2011, fire department budgets were cut 75 percent from 30 to 7 million dollars. The Texas legislature tabled an amendment on Thursday, April 4 to reinstate those funds. 

The Roby Volunteer Firefighter Department held a fundraiser on Sunday in hopes to get some of that money back. They desperately need new rescue equipment, specifically the "jaws of life." Their goal is to raise $20,000.

The small town community in Roby is like family. When someone needs help they pitch in. 

Volunteer Becky Maudlin said, "They help us tremendously throughout the year. We have a lot of fires and they take care of us so we need to give back to our community."

Right now the department has equipment from 1984. Without funding to update equipment their response time gets longer and operating efficiently becomes dangerous. 

"The oils field boom is going to start hitting this area," said Roby Fire Chief James Terry. "We've been talking to areas where it happened to them and their accident rate has jumped immensely. Anywhere from four to five hundred percent."  

To make up for the lack of manpower and equipment Roby and Rotan work together to fight fires. On Sunday, their town was fighting for them.

 "Without our community supporting us we wouldn't be where we're are now," said Chief Terry. "It's like we're a team."

However, they are still hoping the legislature will vote in their favor

"I think that they need to look at small communities but I think they've got so much that they probably don't have time and so we have to start at home taking care of each other and then maybe they'll catch on," said Mauldin.

Rotan VFD is holding their fundraiser on April 21 at 11 a.m. at the Rotan Fire Station.

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