Construction slows traffic in North Abilene

Frontage road of highway 351 construction causing problems

ABILENE, Texas - Construction is underway on a four-mile stretch in North Abilene to convert two-way frontage roads to one-way. Some drivers voiced concerns about the estimated 2-year project causing slow-moving traffic.  

Texas Department of Transportation began the construction process October 29 along Interstate 20 and the intersection of Highway 351 and I-20. As of Monday, drivers could only use one lane of the frontage roads as crews worked.

Some drivers said they are upset the project may last two years because the construction poses safety hazards and road congestion.

"When you're trying to get on the side road down here, that's the most dangerous place in town when you come off the road there," one driver said as he described a one-lane frontage road.

TxDOT has one trick up its sleeve to alleviate traffic problems. They have reprogrammed the traffic lights to move traffic quickly.

One driver had a trick of her own.

"I normally just zip through back there on that back road so I don't have to see much of it," she said.

TxDOT spokeswoman Darah Waldrip said the conversion of the frontage roads is meant to make the roads more safe when the project is complete.

"People are frustrated with this mess," One driver said. "But I think it's gonna be for the best."

The entire project is expected to cost around $8 billion.

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