Controversial fence being built in south Abilene neighborhood

Canyon Rock Lake residents upset over fence construction

ABILENE, Texas - Canyon Rock Lake is one of the many reasons a south Abilene neighborhood is so desirable.

A resident who has lived in the complex for eight months has purchased a plot of land on the east side of the lake, building a fence that is restricting access to the lake.

Residents like Deon Lawson aren't happy.

"This is not a good thing, to me, it's selfish," Lawson said.

Residents are supposed to have access to the private lake. Some residents feel this fence restricts such access.

A neighborhood meeting was held Monday night to discuss a potential fix to the problem.

Richard Rhodes, president of the Canyon Rock Lake Homeowners Association, said he wants to set the record straight.

"We're just trying to separate facts from rumors and that's what were trying to do," Rhodes said. "We're not trying to take anyone to task."

KTXS reached out to Mr. Cosper, who is building the fence, but he had no comment.

Residents living in this development are asking the purpose of building the fence and if Mr. Cosper is allowed to build it?

"As far as I know legally he certainly has the right to put a fence up as long as it meets city code," Rhodes said.

It was standing room only at Monday's meeting; however, Mr. Cosper wasn't in the attendance.

"I intend to call him afterwards and let him know what was discussed," Rhodes said.

In the meantime, work on the fence continues.

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