Cost of Camp Barkeley fire could be big

The high cost of fighting wildfires

TAYLOR COUNTY, Texas - They won't know until the smoke clears how much everything will cost, but the county does budget for fires like this.

The Camp Barkeley fire has burned since Sunday, requiring the help of the state, several volunteer fire departments and Taylor County.

A.D. Bush, emergency management coordinator for Taylor County, said when fires threaten homes and property, county equipment like bulldozers and maintainers become firefighting equipment.

But neither the fire nor the costs can catch them off guard.

"As we get to this point in time and fire season kicks up, people are prepared to go to work and the things they have prepared for," Bush said. "Cost also has been factored in to budgets and things like that."

With the manpower and coordination, the costs can become astronomical, but it's hard to say exactly how much that cost will be.

"Until this is done and everybody can sit down and dot the I"s and cross the T"s, there's no way you can put a dollar figure on there," Bush said.

When it comes to volunteer fire departments, they're individual entities that raise their own funds.

They're always looking for help so if you'd like to donate, contact your local VFD to learn more.

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