Could you be like Gov. Perry and lose your concealed carry permit?

Gov. Perry loses concealed handgun license

ABILENE, Texas - Gov. Rick Perry's indictment last Friday has affected his right to carry a handgun - and the law backs that up.

Perry was indicted on charges of coercion of a public servant and abuse of power, which carries a maximum sentence of 109 years in prison.

Even without a conviction, is it legal to have your concealed carry license taken away and what else can cause you to have it stripped?

If you commit a Class A or B misdemeanor, your license to carry will be suspended.

James Hill, a CHL instructor, listed a few things that can result in license suspension.

"Writing a hot check for gas, you can do a Class A assault family violence or any violation of the law other than a minor traffic violation," said Hill.

In Perry's case, his license is suspended now, but if he's found not guilty, Hill said the disposition will be submitted and his license will be reinstated if it hasn't expired.

According to Hill, if Perry is found guilty, he will no longer be eligible to carry.

"Once you get a felony, you always have a felony unless it is either expunged or you're pardoned for that conviction," Hill said. "If you get a felony, you're permanently ineligible."

To read more on the law, click on this link to the Concealed Handgun Licensing Act.

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