Cracked car windows, damaged roofs will be problems for weeks

Can you drive your car with a broken windshield?

ABILENE, Texas - Many Big Country residents are still driving around with broken windshields and lots of roofs are still sporting the blue tarps after last week's hailstorm.

John Bunton of Barr Roofing said there's a simple way to assess your roof damage.

"You can judge it by how badly your car was damaged to then give you an idea of how bad your roof would have potentially received it too," Bunton said.

If you notice something out of the ordinary, call your insurance company then contact your professional roofers.

"Some of the hailstones were so large and dense that they actually punctured holes through the roof membranes, so when we get these rains that come up, they're gonna get water in the inside and it's either going to damage their sheet rock or a computer or their carpet or interior," Bunton said.

When it comes to those smashed car windows, Walter Pounds of Binswanger Glass said visibility is key.

"If it's just busted just on one side you're still pretty good," Pounds said. "If your windshield flexes it's not real safe to drive because if it moves, glass particles can fall out and get in your eyes."

As far as roofers go, be aware of door-to-door solicitors who may do the job, but disappear if something goes wrong.

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