Danny Wheat wins Place 5 AISD race, talks about future plans

Danny Wheat wins AISD place 5

ABILENE, Texas - One of the most talked about races in the election on Saturday was between Dr. Danny Wheat and Samuel Garcia for the Place 5 Abilene ISD seat.

Wheat walked away with the win, trumping Garcia by more than 1,300 votes.

After the election, Wheat said he was happy to win and glad it was over, but it's back to business as usual.

The first thing he said he wanted to work on was the literacy issue in grade-school children. He said he is in talks with the administration to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

Some of the other issues he is looking to address is increasing teacher salaries and using more technology in the classrooms, for example, computers instead of textbooks.

"I think a couple of things that I am going to impress are the literacy issue , reading and writing in those early years," Wheat said shortly after his victory. "I want to continue on those tracks and also probably work on salaries for teachers."

"I think a big thing I want to work on is technology in the classroom, we've done a great job but  I think we need to come up a little bit more," Wheat said.

According to Wheat, some of those issues will be discussed as early as the next board meeting.

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