Darn beavers! Culprits named in chopping down trees at Abilene business

ABILENE, Texas - The case of fruit trees being cut down at a business on South Treadaway Boulevard has been cracked.

The culprits? A couple of beavers.

At least that's what the owner of the business has told police after initially believing humans were to blame.

Last week, the Abilene Police Department was notified by the owner of the business in the 4400 block of South Treadaway Boulevard about several trees – 10 in all – being damaged.

The victim told police that the damage, which consisted of fruit trees being cut down, happened over a two-week period. The trees were valued at $200 each.

"The victim notified APD a day later and provided an update: Beavers were suspects," police spokesman George Spindler said in a Facebook post. "The owner believes the beavers are a couple that have been hauling the branches away to their home and is hopeful they will be successfully trapped and relocated."

In closing, Spindler said, APD is hopeful that "if these beavers are caught and exiled that they remain a happy couple."

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