Disability Resources Bell Pepper Hand Bell Choir prepping for Thursday Christmas concert

DRI handbell choir begins practice for annual concert

ABILENE, Texas - Nothing can get you into the holiday spirit like Christmas music. Luckily the folks at Disability Resources Inc. can give you your fix and you can help them in return. Their annual DRI Christmas concert is Thursday at the historic Paramount Theater.

"It's not pity or ‘isn't that sweet. They're trying to play those bells.' If you've heard them play, you know they really do a nice performance. I think it really sends a message that people with disabilities do have abilities."

DRI Bell Peppers Handbell Choir Director Cathy Taylor couldn't have put it better. For seven years she's been working with the crew, watching them grow into performers.

All this in preparation for their big Christmas concert that raises money for DRI.

"It's such an opportunity for them to do something get up on the stage of the Paramount Theater in front of an audience and get that standing ovation and just that feeling that they're really doing something," Taylor said.

Ask the members of the choir and they'll tell you, it's more than just a hobby.

"We're like family," said Ian MacKay, resident of DRI.

"I have a mom. She's not here because she passed away," another resident Elizabeth told us.

"You think she hears you when you play?" we asked her.

"Yes, she hears everything," Elizabeth said.

To buy tickets online, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about DRI and find out how you can be a volunteer CLICK HERE.

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