Don't take those leaves to the landfill just yet: More options for your foliage

Recycle or compost your fall leaves

ABILENE, Texas - Leaf blowers are firing up all around town to clean up leaf laden yards. But instead of bagging up all of those leaves, consider some more environmentally conscious options.

For one, consider taking them to the Environmental Recycling Center at 2209 Oak Street in Abilene. Here, they take the leaves in a variety of ways.

You can bring them in bags that go into waste bins. These bins will then be taken to the landfill.

Or you can empty them into the brush pile where it will then be made into two types of mulch. One is a more coarse variety and available for free. The other is more fine and available for a price of $1 per bag or $6 per cubic yard.

If you have a little patience to go along with your yard full of leaves, consider starting a compost heap.

Audrey Gillespie, with the Big Country Master Gardeners describes the process as "the easiest thing in the world."  

You can create a heap by putting dead leaves and garden matter into a storage container.

After mixing it with water and stirring it periodically, leaves will decompose and create an nutrient-rich organic matter that is wonderful for plants. The process usually takes a few months but often produces big results.  

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