Dyess Air Force Base pilot invents, patents kitchen utensil during deployment

Dyess Airman invents "Taco Mama" taco fryer

ABILENE, Texas - Pilot by day, inventor by night. There's a Dyess Air Force Base airman who fits that description.

Capt. Randy Webb flies the C-130J aircraft as his day job, but he's also patented a product that could soon be in stores everywhere – and it involves a favorite West Texas food. 

Even as a decorated Air Force pilot, it's another piece of paper that means so much to Webb.

During a 2011 deployment to Afghanistan, Webb patented his latest invention: Taco Mama.

"Basically, it's a kitchen utensil that allows you to take a corn tortilla and fry it into a perfect taco shell so you can make tacos," Webb said. "With this device, you can cook four tacos in 30 seconds."

Here's how it works: Open the basket and load your tortillas. Then, drop the basket into the deep fryer for about 30 seconds to a minute. Open up the basket and remove your homemade taco shells.

Webb said his inspiration for the product's name was from none other than his own mother.

"Right before one of my deployments, my mom called me and said, 'Randy, I have the perfect idea,'" Webb said. "I called by brother and said, 'Mom, she has a great idea and I think we can perfect it.'" 

Taco Mama has already been picked up by some major retailers like Amazon, but Webb says the sky's the limit.

"We would like to get it global, worldwide," Webb said. "I definitely see this being a big product and a huge company."

Webb is waiting on his third call back from ABC's business and invention show "Shark Tank."

The Taco Mama retails for $19.99 and can be purchased here.

In addition, Taco Mama could be on the shelves at Walmart. 

The product has been selected as part of Walmart's "Get on the Shelf" online contest.

You can vote for Webb's product once a day by clicking here.

Voting ends Monday, Sept. 2.        

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